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Filippov Kirill Borisovich, Head of legal department, Penza State University (40 Krasnaya street, Penza, Russia),
Frolova (Tokareva) Alla Borisovna, Key economist, sub-department of order placement, legal department, Penza State University (40 Krasnaya street, Penza, Russia),

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Background. Precision of legal norms’ wording, uniformity of the corresponding terminology usage directly influence correct understanding and execution of legal enactments by citizens, increasing, thereby, both the effectiveness of legal regulation and the general level of justice in a country. It is precisely this fact that causes the problems of legal regulation of legal documents’ language and style to be a topical subject for the authors’ research. The work is aimed at studying the problem of normative legal regulation of language and style of legal acts in the Russian Federation, including the requirements to exclusion corruption-causing factors from linguistic organization of normative legal acts and drafts thereof.
Materials and methods. Realization of the research objectives was achieved on the basis of the analysis of sufficiency and effectiveness of separate forms of active legislation in the field of normative legal regulation of legal acts’ language and style in the Russian Federation. The authors used the methods of comparative-legal and historical-legal analysis allowing to compare the content of the legal processes under consideration in their historical development.
Results. In the course of research the authors determined disadvantages of legal regulation in the given field: the given requirements are applied only to the normative legal acts and projects thereof; uncoordinated and inconsistent legal regulation of the considered filed, lack of terminological uniformity, lack of rules and methods of linguistic and legal examination etc. On the basis of the analysis carried out the authors suggest to specify and sort normative legal requirements to language and style of legals acts.
Conclusions. The work substantiates the necessity of close attention by lawmaking subjects, first of all by legislators, to solution of problems of legal regulation, stated in the present research, in order to improve effectiveness of legal regulation and the general level of justice in the country.

Key words

official record, legal act, language of law, rule of law, corruptioncausing factor.

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